May 09, 2012

Resources and tools for app development

The following products, ideas and resources were referenced from my presentation at the HANDI launch workshop in Newcastle. I hope that these may provide some solutions, ideas and inspiration!

1. Building an agile and virtual organisation


Martin Fowler on the background to agile methods.

Minimum Viable Product

The product which has the smallest amount of functionality necessary to learn something from the customer.


Teleconferencing, videoconferencing and desktop sharing.


Cloud-based file sharing.

Pivotal Tracker

Cloud-based tool for managing and tracking agile projects.


N3 hosted collaboration platform including file-sharing, forums and calendars. Currently (May 2012) in beta-test.

2. Development resources


High performance cross-platform service calls


Open-source unit testing framework for .NET development


Open-source continuous integration framework


Deploy apps to beta testers on iOS


Cloud-based help-desk software

Open OTP

Virtual appliances to provide centralised, multi-factor authentication


Open-source revision control system


Satellite broadband

3. Inspiration

Google Search

What technology do we need to power a text box?

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