October 25, 2022

Black Pear’s Core Care Record Software supporting integrated patient care improvements across Somerset

Thousands of patients in South West England are getting better, more integrated care and an improved patient experience, thanks to technology developed by Black Pear Software.

The Somerset Integrated Digital electronic Record (SIDeR), which is powered by Black Pear’s Core Care Record software, is enabling medical and care staff to gain immediate access to patients’ health and care information whenever and wherever they need it.

Within the first two years of building the service, there are around 20,000 logins a month – and the number is continuing to grow.

Around 1,500 different users regularly log-in to look up information to care for 15,000 patients in the region from service stakeholders including hospices, hospitals, community services, primary care practices, NHS 111, Social Care and Community Pharmacies.

SIDeR gives health and care professionals a clear, integrated view of all the patient details they need, and includes information from previous appointments, injuries, medications and allergies through to crucial alerts such as the patient being at risk or the fact they require a translator.

Users can all view and share live health and care data on SIDeR, and can also access patients’ GP record live from EMIS Web, as well as other appropriate health and care information tailored to their role.

SIDeR links to Black Pear’s Core Care Plans, such as End of Life, so clinicians can create, view and update care plans to reflect patient wishes as their care journey progresses and changes.

The SIDeR programme aims to make sure the right information is available to the right professionals at the right time.

User numbers have been rising through the year, with just over 21,000 individual user log-ins recorded across the county in August.

Dr Justin Harrington, clinical lead for the SIDeR programme, says

SIDeR has been designed to pass the 3am test: a patient contacts the Out Of Hours GP service or appears in A&E and clinicians know nothing about them.

SIDeR should provide information that helps to provide the right clinical care, first time. People should not have to keep repeating their medical information to health and care services.

Black Pear is now looking to expand both the range of services that can integrate with SIDeR as well as the area it covers in order to nurture a more holistic approach to healthcare.

SIDeR is already available to Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, around 60 GP practices, St Margaret’s Hospice and Somerset County Council.

Our team is now working with Somerset County Council to include children’s social care and education data, which we aim to start delivering in the coming months.

We are also looking to connect Out of Hours ambulance services and patient-facing care plans with SIDeR in the future, to link it with the National Record Locator Service (NRLS) and to offer access to out-of-area providers who care for Somerset patients.

Further work is underway with Somerset NHS Foundation Trust to enable information to be shared between SIDeR and its Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration Data, which will allow any relevant user to see their patients’ up to date medication information on admission to hospital.

If their GP or a prescriber changes the patient’s dose or records an adverse reaction, it will be updated within SIDeR and everyone can see this change.

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