February 27, 2024

Somerset Shared Care Record Award

Black Pear has been given a seven-year contract to aim to build the ‘best shared care record in the UK’ with our award-winning system.

We have been selected as the Technology Partner for the Somerset Integrated Digital e-Record + (SIDeR+).

Somerset ICB (Integrated Care Board) awarded us with a 5 + 2 year agreement following our success working with them on the original SIDeR contract from 2018. During this time we delivered the only federated Shared Care Record delivering its own Primary Care structured data which also seamlessly combines Care Plans enabling integrated care planning across the Healthcare Landscape and beyond.

Somerset ICB covers a population of approximately 600,000 and the SIDeR Shared Care Record now exceeds 30,000 log-ins per month from over 2,200 users in health and care organisations delivering care to 15,000 patients across the region.

There are also over 42,000 Care Plans currently available that can be read, and updated by any appropriate healthcare professional no matter where they are. Up to 1,000 a month are being created adding value to the Shared Care Record as they deliver context to a patient’s situation and pathway

It saw us crowned EMIS Partner of the Year in the Connecting Healthcare category for the collaboration in 2021.

Now we are looking to build on the work with SIDeR+ which will launch in April.

Announcing the new contract, Matthew Dolman, Chief Clinical Information Officer of Somerset ICB, said the “ambition” is to make the best-shared care record in the country.

He said:

The ability for teams from multiple organisations to be able to see in real-time, a useful and digestible view of each other’s records can provide an additional layer of safety when delivering person-centred care and integrated care. The ambition of the SIDeR team leading this work is to co-create the best shared care record in the UK.

Some 2,200 different users already regularly log-in to look up information to care for 15,000 patients across Somerset on SIDeR.

They can access information from service stakeholders including hospices, hospitals, community services, primary care practices, NHS 111, Social Care and Community Pharmacies.

It is already available to Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, around 60 GP practices, St Margaret’s Hospice and Somerset County Council.

But SIDeR+ will see access to documents currently held in Somerset primary care GP systems as well as connecting some Dorset GP records as circa 30% of Yeovil’s patients currently cross from Dorset to Somerset for treatment.

Care plans will be shared with the National Care Record Service (NCRS), and other care providers including South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust.

Somerset will aim to increase usage so that SIDeR+ becomes the default system for anyone delivering care in the region.

It gives health and care professionals a clear, integrated view of all the patient details they need. This includes information from previous appointments, injuries, medications and allergies through to crucial alerts such as the patient being at risk or the fact they require a translator.

Users can all view and share live health and care data, and can also access patients’ GP records live from EMIS Web, as well as other appropriate health and care information tailored to their role.

SIDeR links to Black Pear’s Core Care Plans, such as End of Life, so clinicians can create, view and update care plans to reflect patient wishes as their care journey progresses and changes.

The SIDeR + programme aims to make sure the right information is available to the right professionals at the right time.

Black Pear CEO Dr David Jehring said:

We are truly honoured to continue our journey as the SIDeR+ Technology Partner, deepening our collaboration with Somerset ICB. The success of SIDeR was a result of a genuine partnership with visionary leaders in Somerset, and we are enthusiastic about extending this collaboration. As we embark on the SIDeR+ initiative, our commitment is to help address contemporary healthcare challenges through open standards, innovation, and genuine integration of care. We are dedicated to fostering a healthcare ecosystem that thrives on collaboration and cutting-edge solutions, ultimately enhancing the delivery of patient-centred care.

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