November 12, 2012

EHI Live retrospective

Sadly, I was unable to make it to EHI Live last week, so after a catch up with my fellow colleagues, I have captured some of their key observations. I have to confess, we were somewhat sceptical as to whether the conference would be of any benefit to us. (I’m as candid as they come!) We were however pleasantly surprised …

We discovered the breadth of potential for myHealthFile was broader than we realised. Several new scenarios have come to light, and with all our experience based in primary healthcare, we now find ourselves dipping our toes into secondary care settings. Watch this space!

We have decided to put our authoring toolkit into the public domain. This will enable customers to build or adjust their own clinical apps within a framework, enabling a perfect match for slightly differing workflows.

It was also noted that our products were akin to poly-filler! We are filling in gaps to enhance and extend existing services to meet new, dedicated services. By doing so, we assist in providing a product and service to focus resources on treatment, resulting in a win-win situation for the patient, provider and commissioner.

There were a couple of practical things to take away for next year: firstly, the minor issue of lighting. Thankfully the blue glare of the HP stand, made up for our poorly lit stand, however next time, we may not be as fortunate as to where we are placed. Between us we have some disco lights, a glitter ball and a builder’s site light. Sorted.

Secondly, a more pressing issue, we need an alternative solution for Wi-Fi connectivity. With 50+ hotspots swamping the airwaves, our interoperability demo between Vision 360 and myHealthFile never got off the ground. 🙁 It was decided that, the initial suggestion of an A-Team style van to act as a faraday cage for Wi-Fi whilst easing transportation of our gear to and from conferences, would without doubt blow the marketing budget. We therefore settled on a more conservative solution and will ensure that all our demos will be 3G-based in future. We also believe this may give a more realistic feel of how mobile technology works in practice.

To sum up, the Black Pear team reticently but dutifully dragged their heels on arrival, but skipped away, buzzing with enthusiasm and ideas. Thank you EHI Live and to all those who talked to us … change seems to be afoot at long last!

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