November 04, 2013

Open Health Integration Group

We have been a little quiet on here as of late but not as a result of lack of things to say. On the contrary, we’ve been bursting at the seams with work and are looking forward to demonstrating our latest apps at EHI Live (stand H30).

Also of note, we have recently become part of a new Community Interest Company (CIC) promoting open source integration. Born out of partnerships formed from the NHS Information Sharing Challenge Fund, the group consists of three companies: Open Mapping Software, Tactix4 and ourselves, Black Pear Software. Together we provide end-to-end solutions for the standardised transfer of information between healthcare applications using technologies built on CDA (Clinical Document Architecture) and FHIR (Fast Health Integration Resources).

For open source, innovative applications requiring interoperability, please get in touch for a highly competitive quote or for further information, visit

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