December 04, 2013

Press Release: INPS announces iPad solution to provide GPs with online and offline access to patient records

London, 3 December 2013: INPS has announced a new iPad app that gives GPs secure access to their Vision patient records during home visits.

Developed in collaboration with medical mobile technology specialists Black Pear Software, the app provides both online and offline access to Vision, allowing GPs to view and add information to patient records whether an internet connection is available at the time or not. Data added when the internet is unavailable is synchronised with Vision automatically as soon as a connection is re-established.

INPS Managing Director, Max Brighton, said “Giving GPs access to Vision on an iPad gives them vital access to their patient records reliably at any time, wherever they are. Having the relevant medical information to hand during home visits will help them to make informed decisions about diagnosis and treatment with confidence.”

Brighton explained that improving availability and access to patient records is a key strategic strand to the Vision roadmap, “The initial release lets GPs and practice staff access their registered patients’ records. In the future we will broaden the scope of the iPad app as part of a wider-reaching solution for community-based nurses and other healthcare professionals to access patient records and collaborate with their local GP practices.”

Vision for the iPad is currently being piloted and will be released early in 2014.

Press contact: Steve Marriott,

About INPS

INPS is a leading supplier of flexible clinical IT solutions for primary care and the wider healthcare landscape in the UK. Its core product is Vision, which encourages clinicians to record high quality data from patient encounters and promotes secure patient information sharing across the local healthcare team.

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INPS is a CEGEDIM company; a global organisation operating across 80 countries, specialising in healthcare software systems, interoperability and online services.

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