February 20, 2020

Continued growth drives new appointment to Web Development Team

We’ve brought another tech whizz onboard to bolster the team and kick 2020 off with a bang.

Our newest web app developer James Bubb has hit the ground running, updating our systems to meet the latest accessibility requirements.

He has nearly 20 years’ experience in IT mainly helping teach his skills on tech apprenticeships or more recently with a software education business.

James even has his own YouTube channel with over 5,500 subscribers where he tutors on how to learn the latest web development platforms and other computer skills.

Explaining why he made the leap to healthtech, he said: “My previous work was always about sales, it was very business focussed.

Black Pear appealed to me because it’s a product that is doing some good. It’s ultimately about the patients.

James is teaming up with our lead user interface developer Will Jehring and his team on the design side of our products.

He said:

I am mainly working with Will and the rest of the team on the front end systems, looking to exploit the benefits of latest software and versions to optimise user experience, as part of Black Pear’s continuous improvement programme. I have been working on migrating systems and on accessibility, to ensure the web applications are useable for people with disabilities

Though James is still keeping up the YouTube channel he has thrown himself into the Black Pear world and is enjoying the challenge.

He said:

The YouTube channel is kind of a way for me to keep my educational side. I guess I have an interest in that because to teach something means you fully understand it. So quite selfishly teaching helps me to know I understand what I’m doing. Black Pear work is different to what I’ve done before. The way things are designed is very different, because they have different needs. But it’s nice to work on something that’s making a change.

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