December 04, 2019

Somerset, SIDeR & Success: EPaCCs Uptake Update

Black Pear technology has been snapped up by nearly every GP practice in a fast new roll-out of our end of life care plans across Somerset.

Clinicians are enjoying the benefits of Core which gives them a live snapshot of all the relevant information they need to give their patients the best care possible.

The uptake has remained consistently high as healthcare professionals realise the benefits of having an up to date record of relevant wishes at their fingertips.

GPs create the interactive plans in under 60 seconds using guided workflows and dropdown boxes.

From that point any relevant user from district nurses and out-of-hours services to palliative care and emergency departments can access a snapshot of live information tailored to their needs.

Already 95 per cent of practices have adopted it and created over 1,000 records on the Electronic palliative Care Co-ordination System (EPaCCS).

Black Pear Chief Project Officer Cheryl Cowley, who has overseen things from our side, said:

The quick roll-out is down to the excellent CCG Digital team and the enthusiasm of GPs. The GPs can see immediate benefits not only to their patients but to their colleagues in the out-of-hours services.

Black Pear Core ensures clinicians always have an up to date view of an end of life patients’ wishes no matter where or when they need it.

All of the information is kept live in one place – an up to date single source of truth. When one person updates this relevant health and care services are notified of the change. Cheryl said:

We have had very positive feedback, especially from district nurses. They really like the fact that they can look at it before being sent to a patient on the care plan who they might not have ever seen before. They say it stops them faffing around so they can get straight to treating the patient appropriately.

Often health and care professionals know nothing about an end of life patient when they meet them, or the little information they do have is fragmented and difficult to find. Core technology gives them a live snapshot of all the relevant information they need. It ensures the right information is in the right place at the right time so they can focus on treating them according to their needs and wishes

Core End of Life is the first stage of the Somerset Integrated Digital e-Record (SIDeR), which will go live in the new year. This will allow health and care teams to easily share and view patients’ health and care information from every part of the service in a clear, simply-to-use application.

From hospitals, GP practices and community services to social care, hospices and urgent care this will have infinite uses and streamline the service for both patients and clinicians Jenny Buckley, Black Pear project manager for SIDeR, said:

It’s great to see the uptake of Core End of Life has been so fast. What is really important is not just that the GPs are signing on, but that they are using it with well over 1,000 records already created by 95% of GP Practices. It shows a real understanding of what the shared care record is about. GPs have created over 1400 non-palliative special patient notes as part of this wider SIDeR project since April.

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