May 11, 2020

Black Pear Enabling New Patient Services in Rapid Response to COVID 19

Black Pear collectively has over 200 years’ experience working with healthcare but none of us has ever encountered a challenge like coronavirus. Thankfully, our Core products mean we are in a good position to help. Everything we do is geared towards giving health and care workers the ability to view, share and update relevant healthcare information anywhere, at any time. It means when the Prime Minister declared a national lockdown our Core Appointments, Care Plans and Care Records were able to give clinicians what they needed where they needed it.

We can make remote working simple and add capabilities as fast as you need them because all our products store everything securely on the cloud. This has already proven vital for customers in their Covid-19 response plans. Here is a quick look at how we are helping the fight against the pandemic.

Our Core Appointments were rapidly updated to give the London Ambulance Service enhanced abilities to increase capacity for remote GP appointments. This freed up paramedics to treat only those needing urgent care. It streamlines every service into one appointment book and sends all the information live the second the booking is completed. Outcomes are instantly sent back to the GP record after the appointment.

Our Core Care Plans have ensured those most vulnerable to coronavirus are never treated without the right information. Stretched frontline staff attending frailty, dementia and end of life patients don’t have to make if-in-doubt decisions despite the massively increased demand. Every appropriate person gets strictly relevant information on patient preferences and choices live and each user is instantly notified of changes.

Our Core Care Records got GPs in the South East and Midlands up and running in Covid-19 hot clinics within hours. It gives doctors live access to patients’ GP records irrespective of the clinical system they are stored on. The same technology has got clinicians working from home across the country. It can give live read write access to clinicians across all health and care settings.

The pandemic response sparked a huge increase in demand on remote services, but we were able to solve this in seconds. We simply increased capacity by 25 per cent with Amazon Web Services, assured by NHS Digital. Our products can be updated rapidly to accommodate new ways for working – it’s what they were designed to do. It means we can offer you the solutions you need to protect NHS staff, save patients and beat coronavirus.

If you think we can help your fight against the pandemic, please get in touch here.

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