September 08, 2014

Black Pear adds a familiar face to the team

This summer Black Pear welcomed an old friend back into the team, Anthony ‘Anth’ Bryan, all the way from Australia. Anth has worked with most of the team in Health Informatics under one guise or another for the best part of 15 years, but left these shores for sunnier pursuits down under a few years ago. Anth explained,

After visiting New Zealand in 1989 I wanted to return, but life took over and it didn’t work out. 21 years later on holiday in Australia my missus said she could quite get used to the lifestyle. I warned her, “Be careful what you wish for if you want me to apply, as once started, I have to see it through.
She said apply and I got the job done.

Due to family commitments Anth sadly had to return to the UK this year, but what is Australia’s loss is Black Pear’s gain. Always positive, Anth feels being with Black Pear is “like being one of the family” and on being reunited claims, “The band is back on tour!”

Beyond his obvious talent as a developer, Anth is a brilliant musician who can boast of meeting some of the biggest names of multiple genres whilst touring with his band. Prior to becoming a developer Anth tried his hand at most jobs imaginable, and always has a good story to tell.

Anth is most excited about health mobile solutions. In particular iPad development in the health world appeals as it’s still in its infancy, and Anth asserts, “Yet again, thanks to David Jehring, I find myself in the team at the forefront of this technology.”

Anth has already brought his characteristic vibrancy to the team over this summer, and we look forward to many more years with him. In his own words, “The band is back on tour!”

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