April 08, 2013

Hospital-based consultants perform virtual glaucoma reviews

We are delighted to have been involved in this innovative mobile setup with Moorfields Eye Hospital which allows us to bring glaucoma assessments closer to the patient, allowing them to rapidly gain access to the required optimal care.

The solution, developed by Moorfields Eye Hospital‘s OpenEyes team, Charing Systems and ourselves, uses iPads in remote community clinics to enable our Black Pear app, iRIS, to capture the metrics associated with glaucoma assessments.  The patient data is then messaged using ITK from the iPad to the Moorfields’ OpenEyes patient record system, from where a specialist consultant can diagnose glaucoma.  Working closely with Charing Systems, data was collected and stored through use of  openEHR archetypes.  The combination of ITK and use of openEHR archetypes has proven to be an effective method for collecting and transferring clinical data.

For further information, please view Moorfields’ media release.

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