Digital Care Services Framework
(GP IT Futures)

Digital Care Services Framework (GP IT Futures)

Supplier Asserted Integrations

Black Pear uses HL7.FHIR enhanced and assured EMIS and VISION Partner APIs providing extended functionality to IM1 and GP Connect. This was the first use of FHIR in the NHS and one of first in the world in 2014, providing live read and write of data between GP and across other systems.

Integration Type Integration Capability
Desktop transactional Contextual access to Core Care Plans
Desktop transactional Live read/write with care plans structured data, unstructured data, documents and images
Remote transactional Live read of service specific data (structured, unstructured and documents) from GP record into care plans outside the practice.
Remote transactional Live GP record update from care plans (structured, unstructured and documents) from outside the practice.

These have passed peer review and been assured from a technical, operational, clinical safety and IG perspective by:

  • EMIS Health
  • NHS Digital under GPSoC Lot 1
  • CCGs, CSUs, Health Informatics Services, NWIS
  • Technical Partners inc. OneAdvanced & Cleric

An original founding Board member of INTEROpen, Black Pear supports open APIs, national standards and services. We have adopted:

  • SMSP Personal Demographic Service
  • Care Connect
  • GP Connect