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Because sharing is not exclusive. Traditional wisdom dictates one shared care system is needed for one area. Well, traditional wisdom can’t explain Black Pear.

If it’s either one platform or another, why have we been chosen in areas that have established shared care record services? While the old partnerships continue, our Core products are recognised for bringing something new and valuable to the table.

This leaves some questions…

  • Why are STPs and LHCREs purchasing Core on top of their existing systems?
  • What capabilities does Core possess that add value to these systems?
  • What have NHS organisations achieved with Core that leads them to ask for more?

Over at stand F4, we ask another question. How can we make your best solution better?

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Core – Our Single Source of Truth

Everyone knows what problems integrated shared care plans are supposed to solve. Cut out “if in doubt” decisions. Slash time wasted finding, processing, re-entering and verifying information. Stop patients retelling their stories over and again. Provide their information in accordance with their clinical and care needs and wishes. Put simply, get the right information to the right person at the right time.

Making this work is what we do.

Black Pear Core is our single source of truth solution. Core is effective because of its simplicity. It allows any relevant clinician or service to create an integrated shared care plan in under 60 seconds. This live single source of truth is shared across every appropriate health and care system. And each relevant user and connected system can instantly update it – with everyone notified of changes live.

We know what is effective. That’s why we were the first to create live read-write access to the leading GP clinical systems. It’s why we were the first in the Europe to adopt HL7.FHIR and the public cloud to exchange medical data. And it’s why we know how to solve the challenges our health service faces in the digital age.

What are you waiting for? Come over to stand F4 to learn how we can help you share better.

Who we help

What we do

Integrated Shared Care Plans

  • x30 CCGs across NHS England
  • FHIR Shared care plan service for LHCRE’s


  • End of Life care
  • Frailty
  • Dementia
  • Community Mental Health
  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Diabetes & LTCs
  • Social Prescribing

Integrated Shared Care Records

  • Somerset Integrated Digital electronic Record (SIDeR)

GP Federated Working & Extended Access

  • 50 clinical hubs and 200+ practices
  • VISION and EMIS interoperability in England & Wales
  • Urgent Care Appointment booking with GP practices and hubs

Patient Apps

  • Appointment booking with GP practices and hubs
  • e referral into patient facing services, live data exchange
  • Patient front door triage apps

What are you waiting for?

Come over to stand F4 to learn how we can help you share better.