Unlock the future of healthcare

Get connected within 15 minutes

You can share healthcare data with any service if you connect to HL7 FHIR®. It transforms medical information into a universally understood format that can be exchanged across all organisations.

This unlocks the digital revolution for clinicians to work together in ways never seen before. But how do you plug into the global standard in exchanging healthcare data? With QuickFHIR you can get connected within 15 minutes.

The QuickFHIR story

We saw how HL7 FHIR could transform the way you deliver care. That’s why we were the first in the UK and amongst the first in the world to adopt it. Now it powers all our Core products.

We built QuickFHIR so that it was easy to plug Core into FHIR. But we realised if everyone could connect as easily it could transform healthcare. Now just like you don’t need to know how to code to build a website, you no longer to need to be a health tech expert to get onto FHIR.

Plug in and go


Established suppliers and new app developers can all connect to FHIR just as simply, quickly and affordably.


The QuickFHIR platform harnesses AWS cloud infrastructure to provide scalable, reliable and secure FHIR APIs to anyone.


It means you can focus on creating the healthcare apps and services that patients and clinicians need.


Now the door is open for you to help write the future of healthcare.

Start your FHIR

Do you want to give developers a new FHIR API customised to your health system?
  • Our FHIR experts will help you design and build your own FHIR API from scratch
  • It will implement only the FHIR capabilities you need
  • Once it’s built you can make it available for any third party to use on the QuickFHIR platform
Do you want to plug your existing system or app into FHIR in less than 15 minutes?
  • 1. Choose one of our off-the-shelf FHIR APIs
  • 2. Launch it through the AWS Marketplace
  • 3. Customise the API to your exact needs
  • 4. Start using your FHIR enabled system

Want to get started?

We don’t believe in making you reliant on one supplier. That’s why once we get you up and running with one of our products, you can use any solution that harnesses HL7 FHIR®. So you are free to find the best solution possible.